Welcome to CK Appaloosas. We are a small family operation with 3 generations and over 40 years in the Appaloosa industry. We pride ourselves in raising colored show quality Appaloosas with minds and dispositions for everyday use. Our breeding program takes into consideration both pedigree consistencies and individual qualities. In our opinion we have been able to produce the epitome of the “versatile Appaloosa” in a modern pretty package. We always have a few outstanding young individuals and occasional broodmares for sale.

Where our past began…

Lyle Coultrip was born in the horse powered farming days, his horsemanship was natural and practical. His ways formed the foundation as to how our horses are raised today.

Alta on the other hand was born in the city, and it wasn’t until during the depression that her family moved to the country. After highschool, Alta took over the 100 acre family farm and saved enough money to buy her first horse, a wild 2 year old mustang from the plains of Kansas. “Sunshine” soon became a prize winning jumper and Alta was hooked. Lyle and Alta raised many breeds before settling on the Appaloosa.

( Shown at right: Radcliffs Blue Eagle, Lyle and Alta’s first Appaloosa stallion pictured in 1964 when they purchased him as a 2 year old.)

Horses have always been the center of Lyle and Alta’s youngest daughter, Pat’s life. “No fear” started early on. A”YEE HA” and a slap on her horse’s hind end, then “WOP“, you guessed it, she forgot about the low branches on the apple trees or the tickling of the paint studs flanks with a buggy whip until he planted both hoof prints on her belly.( a fact that she managed to hide from Alta for a few days) are only a few of the stories that tell the tale of Pat’s toughness or her reputation for being the one in these parts to bring your “problem” horse to for breaking. In the early ’70’s, Pat took over showing most of the horses, including Bright Captain and his get. Bright Captain was purchased in 1977 as a 2 year old and was the primary sire for many years. He and his get racked up many points and wins in western, english, and halter both in the US and Canada.

Chris Kiser, Lyle and Alta’ s grandson, also grew up in the horse barn. In the early nineties, Chris took over the breeding operation – taking the daughters of the rich, proven Coultrip bloodlines and blending it with some of the modern greats includingThe Gunslinger.

The Gunslinger was purchased in ’98 as a 12 year old. He had proven himself in the show ring being handled by Goose Ballard and Butch McGlothlin, but not as a sire. He was purchased on pedigree and looks alone (and a wish and a prayer). He hasn’t disappointed us yet! The Gunslinger has left us with a power house of great genetics in his daughters and we are very
excited about the new generation of CK Appaloosas yet to come! We have found and purchased an exceptional young prospect, Impetuous Moon, a 2005 bay and white colt that we feel will carry us into that new generation with very interesting results!

Charles “Chaz” Vandergriff joined the show team in 2001 to help Chris, and already has been at the lead of a CRHA National Champion and multiple futurity winners and money earners. Chaz is our eager show person, “when is our next show?!!!!” He has big plans for many more big wins.

So now that you know a little about our past, come on in and check out our present and when you’re done be sure to save us in your favorites to return to see what our future has in store.



This site is in loving memory of our
parents and grandparents;
Lyle and Alta Coultrip

Lyle Coultrip
Dec 1st 1919 to Dec 8th 2001

Alta Coultrip
June 11th 1921 to Jan 29th 2009
Alta’s Obituary

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