Welcome to CK Appaloosas. We are a small family operation with 3 generations and over 40 years in the Appaloosa industry. We pride ourselves in raising colored show quality Appaloosas with minds and dispositions for everyday use. Our breeding program takes into consideration both pedigree consistencies and individual qualities. In our opinion we have been able to produce the epitome of the “versatile Appaloosa” in a modern pretty package. We always have a few outstanding young individuals and occasional broodmares for sale.

Where our past began…

Lyle Coultrip was born in the horse powered farming days, his horsemanship was natural and practical. His ways formed the foundation as to how our horses are raised today.

Alta on the other hand was born in the city, and it wasn’t until during the depression that her family moved to the country. After highschool, Alta took over the 100 acre family farm and saved enough money to buy her first horse, a wild 2 year old mustang from the plains of Kansas. “Sunshine” soon became a prize winning jumper and Alta was hooked. Lyle and Alta raised many breeds before settling on the Appaloosa.

( Shown at right: Radcliffs Blue Eagle, Lyle and Alta’s first Appaloosa stallion pictured in 1964 when they purchased him as a 2 year old.)

Horses have always been the center of Lyle and Alta’s youngest daughter, Pat’s life. “No fear” started early on. A”YEE HA” and a slap on her horse’s hind end, then “WOP“, you guessed it, she forgot about the low branches on the apple trees or the tickling of the paint studs flanks with a buggy whip until he planted both hoof prints on her belly.( a fact that she managed to hide from Alta for a few days) are only a few of the stories that tell the tale of Pat’s toughness or her reputation for being the one in these parts to bring your “problem” horse to for breaking. In the early ’70’s, Pat took over showing most of the horses, including Bright Captain and his get. Bright Captain was purchased in 1977 as a 2 year old and was the primary sire for many years. He and his get racked up many points and wins in western, english, and halter both in the US and Canada.

Chris Kiser, Lyle and Alta’ s grandson, also grew up in the horse barn. In the early nineties, Chris took over the breeding operation – taking the daughters of the rich, proven Coultrip bloodlines and blending it with some of the modern greats includingThe Gunslinger.

The Gunslinger was purchased in ’98 as a 12 year old. He had proven himself in the show ring being handled by Goose Ballard and Butch McGlothlin, but not as a sire. He was purchased on pedigree and looks alone (and a wish and a prayer). He hasn’t disappointed us yet! The Gunslinger has left us with a power house of great genetics in his daughters and we are very
excited about the new generation of CK Appaloosas yet to come! We have found and purchased an exceptional young prospect, Impetuous Moon, a 2005 bay and white colt that we feel will carry us into that new generation with very interesting results!

Charles “Chaz” Vandergriff joined the show team in 2001 to help Chris, and already has been at the lead of a CRHA National Champion and multiple futurity winners and money earners. Chaz is our eager show person, “when is our next show?!!!!” He has big plans for many more big wins.

So now that you know a little about our past, come on in and check out our present and when you’re done be sure to save us in your favorites to return to see what our future has in store.



This site is in loving memory of our
parents and grandparents;
Lyle and Alta Coultrip

Lyle Coultrip
Dec 1st 1919 to Dec 8th 2001

Alta Coultrip
June 11th 1921 to Jan 29th 2009
Alta’s Obituary

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Why do your ranch trees keep dying?

A car, lawnmower and even a storm can cause damage on the bark of a tree and leave it wounded. This can be avoided by planting the tree in a sheltered area or by erecting a protection parker around it. Take caution when using a lawnmower and trimmers as if used carelessly can damage the roots of even big trees. Take a look for damages that incurred during a storm and treat it as soon as possible. Keep in mind that stability and the integrity of a tree changes over time.

Tree Diseasesdead tree

Malignant diseases such as chestnut blight or dutch elm disease have wreaked havoc and killed millions of trees suddenly throughout North America. However quieter tree killers perform their destruction much more subtly yet kill far more trees than the malignant type and cost billions of dollars in damages.
The three most common of these subtle killers is the oak wilt, anthracnose, and armillaria root rot. If not treated or prevented, these killer pathogens will infiltrate the trees vascular system through bark wounds, leaves and roots.

Different Types of Herbicide

Too much herbicide can damage the tree’s health when it interacts with the roots. When properly used the chemicals can benefit the trees growth. Be sure to follow the instructions for proper application, look into professional care if you aren’t sure, one good place to get some information is a Toronto based company, www.torontotreeremoval.ninja

Insects to Watch Out For

Harmful insects are also a nuisance and are savagely opportunistic as they will invade stressed trees that already have some form of disease or just environmental stress. Not only do these insects cause the tree to die, but they are devastatingly contagious to surrounding trees in the form of harmful fungi. Insects will defoliate a tree to death or bore for food or create nesting cavities in the tree attacking its cambial layer.

Soil, Planting & Watering

Soil compaction is a slow tree damage process which often its cause is left unknown. The soil pore space has been reduced and the roots do not get enough oxygen and of the tree slowly dies. This can be avoided by mulching , preventing soil disruption around the tree and by aerating the soil.

Improper planting is another major player in the poor health of a tree. It’s extremely important to make sure the planting hole is two or three times wider than the trees root ball, but no deeper. Be sure to water and plant the tree as soon as possible to avoid drying out the roots.

Under watering and over watering can be detrimental to trees. During dry spells, water is crucial for all trees including newly transplanted and young trees. Checking for adequate water can be done by monitoring the soil moisture.


Old age will also be a factor in the death of a tree, for some that have lived through maturity and beat the odds, sometimes (depending on the species) it may take centuries for the dying process to occur. Generally a modular tree will compartmentalize any damaged area that has been diseased and continue to grow. However like humans, growth slows down after a tree reaches maturity, inadequate foliage causes the tree to lose its ability to generate food and hydration.


Climactic conditions and plant hardiness will determine where the tree should be planted, for optimal health you should research how much sunlight that particular species needs to thrive, direct or indirect sunlight etc. Be sure that there is clearance for the tree to grow freely in the years to come and that there are no objects such as power lines that can be problematic in the future.

If you have a professional arborist evaluate your trees, you will have a better chance of having a healthy tree because they will be able to tell you if there are any potential dangers, weaknesses by looking for cracks weak branches and other hazardous indicators.


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Things to look for when buying a horse property

A close friend of mine just moved to Orange County and she was really worried she wouldn’t be able to bring her horses. Her husband landed a dream job thousands of miles away in a highly populated area with no horse properties in sight. She thought it was a lost cause until she found a tucked away horse friendly community in Orange County, Nellie Gail Ranch. She immediately began her search through Nellie Gail Ranch homes with the help of Integrated Realty Group, who specializes in helping horse owners find their dream homes.

So this inspired me to think about what should be considered before you go search for your next horse property.

Every horse owner has different needs, but here are a few important things you need to consider while you search for the best location for a horse farm.

Is the horse property barn easily navigatable for farriers and deliveries? This may sound basic, but it might not be so easy when you get your first delivery of hay.

Are the grassy pastures well maintained? If the property has been on the market for a while you might see a lot of weeds. That means there is a great chance that horses have not been grazing in the pastures. If that is the case, make sure that there are no harmfully toxic plants before allowing the horses out to graze.

What about water, are the water sources convenient and safe? Running out of water is the greatest problem on a horse farm. It is easy to keep horses fed, but for anyone who has ever gone without water on a horse farm you know this is a big no-no.

What will you do with the manure? If you can’t buy enough land to spread your manure, you will need to make sure there’s a place to store the manure. You will also need to have a plan to get rid of it.

Where is the Barn placed? The smell of horse manure you can get used to. But flys and bugs, on the other hand, tend to fly in the wind. You don’t want to deal with a ton of flying bugs launching into your home.

What about zoning? Are there any local zoning restrictions that would keep you from housing horses on your property? Sounds basic, but you need to ask, especially if you are considering a property in an area where you don’t see any horses actually living on the property.

You need a property survey to help determine fencing. Was there a recent survey of the horse property? If not I highly recommend you hire a surveyor and get a new property survey. A lot of horse property sellers have never had their property surveyed.

What about your septic system? Is there a dedicated septic system or sewer system that is used for the Barn. We are talking about the wash rack here people. If you are considering a horse property that has a large barn with a wash rack, bathroom, and a washer/dryer; the property is not connected to the public sewer, then it might be a good idea for the barn to have its own dedicated septic system.

Land erosion problems? If the property is sloped this is a more important consideration. If the slope is not covered by mature grass, then look carefully for erosion problems that could injure your horses.

Is there room for your horse trailer? Storing your horse trailer is more important if you are searching for smaller farms.

There are obviously many more issues to consider when finding your dream horse property, but I at least covered a few that are often not considered.

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How to take care of your horse

For many centuries now, horses have provided us with a formidable companionship that we could never possibly fathom substituting. Owing to their social nature, horse and man are able to bond and emotionally connect. Things are not all roses though; horses can be stubborn and complicated if not well taken care of. Here are some ways of taking care of your horse:

Grooming your horse.

Frequently grooming your horse is vital in ensuring her coat stays in a good condition. Grooming enables you to survey the horse’s health condition by checking for pests, cuts and other indications. It also offers you an opportunity to trim her body hair. The horse’s hooves should also be checked for pebbles and other objects stuck in them. Gently pick them out.

Constantly supplying food.

Make sure your horse has a reliable supply of fresh water and mineral lick. Horses are grazers and therefore need to be grazed constantly, especially in the morning and evening hours. When green pastures are not available, stacks of hay should be made readily available. The main dietary component of your horse food should be roughage but protein supplements like Purina products should be administered. Be cautious not to feed the horse immediately before an exercise or exactly after as it would lead to digestion complications.

Providing medical care.

You should provide your horse with regular veterinary checkups in order to keep track of the dental and physical health. Make sure she is vaccinated for all common and emerging diseases such as tetanus, rabies and rhinopneumonitis. Deworming your horse regularly would also ensure robust health.

Socialize and bond with your horse.

Horses are social beings that have emotional attachments to the people they interact with. Spend time feeding or even playing with your horse. This is important as it creates an atmosphere of trust between you; that would be critical when it comes to handling your horse. Also ensure that your horse gets time to spend with other horses for socialization. It is advisable to provide her with a companion or two that she could spend time with.

Protect your horse from extreme weather conditions.

You should ensure you horse is adequately warmed during winter. In summer though, is when the horse might be more disturbed as it cannot she is more disturbed by heat than cold conditions. Horses do not possess the necessary mechanism to dispel excess heat and therefore should not be strained in hot conditions.

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Slipper into First
AQHA #4075613

2001 bay mare sired by the great Artful Investment and out of the good show mare Bobbies Hotrodder by Hotrodders Jet Set.

We are very excited to add this one to our band of mares!


CK Rockin’ Bodacious
ApHC # 567018

1997 Dun and White Western Pleasure Class Winner and producer of multiple Futurity money earners and CRHA National Reserve Champion Halter. Her sire, Rockin’ Sidney, World Champion Western Pleasure, ROM Halter, ROM Senior Western Pleasure, Sire of multiple ROM earners, Superior earners is by Spittin Image (by Mighty Bright) High Point earner in 6 events, Grand Reserve, and High Point many times, sire of World and National Champions, World and National Producers, Medallion earners, multiple National High Point earners and Producers, and out of Miss Daddy Bonanza, dam of World Champion, ROM and Point Earners by Big Daddy Bonanza (by Coys Bonanza), sire of AQHA Champions, ROMS, Superior, and High Point earners and out of Sparky Bonanza (by Coys Bonanza), dam of AQHA ROM and High Point earners. Her dam is full sister to Coultrips Brite Bar, US and Canadian Champion, ACAAP Top Ten in three events, World Qualified in 7 events, ROMS and COMS, by Bright Captain, ’75, ’76 Ohio High Point Halter, PAA Reserve Halter, Awards in English and Western Pleasure, many times Regional Champion, out of a daughter of AQHA Bar Tex Bar, sire of ROMS, Superiors, Cutting Awards, Reining Champion and Reining Champion producers, and APHA performers.

Daci’s foals always are a treat with a wide variety of colors, size and awesome personalities. They are some of the best movers on the place, with english, western or cowhorse versatilities.

 Rockin Sidney Spittin Image Mighty Bright
Miss Mavis
Miss Daddy Bonanza Big Daddy Bonanza
Sparky Bonanza
Coultrip’s Britemop Bright Captain KWD Bright Boss
Sonny Boys Miss
Coultrip’s Bardoll Bar Tex Bar
Redmans Nava


Indian Paint (TB) JC 9812507
1998 16hh Chestnut mare, race winner sired by millionaire – Corporate Report, sire of 4 stakes winners and 14 stakes -placed runners, and earners of $10.4 million. Sire of 5 times stakes winner Talk’s Cheap, earner of $639,704., and of Queen Of Money. His sire Private Account by Ten Cents A Kiss by Key To The Mint, was a top 3 yo of ’91. “Indy’s” dam is Appalachee Breeze is sired by Appalachee- 2 yo champion in England and Ireland by Horse of the Year, Round Table and out of Horse of the Year, Moccasin, who is sire of 57 stakes winners including Can. Ch. Dance For Donna, Lubicon, Pine Tree Lane (Millionaire) and Up The Apalachee

Indy was purchased to “meet the market” demands. Never thought that I was a TB fan but this mare has changed my mind. Her foals will make a great H.I.H. then H.U.S. prospects. This was our first outcross, but can’t wait for more now.
Corporate Report Private Account Damascus
Numbered Account
Ten Cents A Kiss Key To The Mint
Apalachee Breeze Apalachee Round Table
Northern Hope Barachois
Ever Hopeful


CK Shotgun Annie
ApHC #602249 – CRHA #6057-O
2001 Sorrel and white mare. CRHA Res. Ch. Jr. Mare, futurity money earner. Sired by The Gunslinger and out of KK Plaudits Kandy.

The size, temperament, conformation, and color made this filly a complete package and a natural decision to keep in the broodmare band. The fact that both of her parents are such consistent producers of winners didn’t hurt either.

Annie’s first foal was sired by Encouragement, Medallion winner by Go Lightly World Ch.& Medallion earner, and her second by Impetuous Moon, what an awesome filly this is!!! Currently Annie has a great colt by Tucker at her side! Annie is 3 for 3 for superior foals!

The Gunslinger H.P. Shotgun Willie Domingo Bay
Wapitis Bay Lassy
H.P. Miss Wapiti Roberds Wapiti
Plaudy Roberds
KK Plaudits Kandy Superfection Shalako’s Plaudit
Amigo’s Bright Star
Freckles Princess R.V.’s Plaudit Domino
Buckeye Babe L


CK Blame The Tequilla
2002 Chestnut and white mare, Futurity money earner only time out.
Sired by The Gunslinger and out of WBA Here To Impress U.
Tikki is the shining example of our breeding program – a strong, correct, clean, colored filly with a sharp mind. She is our cutter want-to-be, cuts every thing that gets in her path, cats, dogs and the younger fillies. She is 3rd generation in a line of broodmare powerhouses.
photo as yearling
 The Gunslinger H.P. Shotgun Willie Domingo Bay
Wapitis Bay Lassy
H.P. Miss Wapiti Roberds Wapiti
Plaudy Roberds
WBA Here To Impress U Solid Impressev Impressive Bar Leo
Cash Cowgirl
KK Plaudits Kandy Superfection
Freckles Princess

CK Tequilla Dreams
AKA Angel
Live the Dream X CK Blame the Tequilla
foaled April 11, 2008

Bay with star, snowflakes everywhere and tons of mottling
This beauty is gunna be big!!! With a 16.2 daddy and a 1400 lb mom——one big beautiful mare when she finishes growing!!!! Already 16.hh at 25 months old. Angel has all the presence that you could ask for- tall, correct and a definate look at me stance. Look for her a few shows around Ohio and nearby states!! May be available for your consideration- please call if interested in Angel!

***Angel was Grand Champion Mare at the Southeastern Classic in Georgia as a yearling!!!

Angel placed in the top 10 at the 2010 Appaloosa World Championships standing 6th in non pro 2yos. We are proud of our Angel!


ApHC # 642865

2006 CHESTNUT LEOPARD MARE – Most colorful and Futurity winner sired by the great Qh OBVIOUS CONCLUSION, 1982 yearling World Champ, 1983 2yo World Champ, sire of World Champs and Reserve Champs, top ten worlds, Superiors at halter and performance, ROMS at halter and performance and point earners at halter and performance sired by CONCLUSIVE,1982 World Champ. Sire of 18 World Champs and 17 Res. World Champs and 17 Hi Pnt halter winners. Her dam, TK’S T-BIRD producer of 4 World Champs is sired by Plaudit Top Kick and out of a gr daughter of Nugget Jim ,Leopard. Grand Champion at Halter and Western Pleasure. Won more than 75 first, 40 Grands at halter. Halter Champion in 5 States. Sired 85% color and more than 200 Halter Champions from coast to coast. Sired 30 performance point earners with 537.5 points, 36 halter point earners with 279 points, 15 ROMs earners, 2 Superior Performance Horses. TK’S T-BIRD is also grt gr daughter to Mr Sotted Bull and to Wild Hope ( ApHC Hall of Fame )
Missy has a strong pedigree of Champion versatile horses and should fit perfectly into our program.

 Obvious Conclusion Conclusive Impressive
Night Pacer
Buzz’s Baccarat Poco Buz Boy
Tiger Bounce
Tk’s T-Bird Plaudits Top Kick Plaudit Return
Plaudit Wisp
Stayready Nugget Nugget John
Ready Power


AQHA # 3103525

1992 SORREL MARE 98 halter points, Superior in Open, ROM in Amateur, ROM in youth and points in novice;sired by DIVERSIFIED,H-60/P-102, AQHA Champion, Superior Halter, Superior Western Pleasure, ROM Performance, 1988 Open World Champ 2-Year-Old Snaffle Bit Western Pleasure, 1989 Open World Champion 3 Year Old Halter Stallion, 1990 & 1991 Open World Champion Aged Stallion, 34 Times Grand & Reserve Grand Champion Halter, AQHA World Championship Show earnings: $7,099.43, NSBA LTE: $14,650.81 sired by MR CONCLUSION, ROM Halter, #1 Leading AQHA Sire of World Champion halter horses, 1986 AQHA World Champion Aged Stallion, 1985 AQHA Reserve World Champion 3YO Stallion, 1983 Top Ten World Show Yearling Stallion Quarter Horse Congress by CONCLUSIVE, 1982 World Champ. Sire of 18 World Champs and 17 Res. World Champs and 17 Hi Pnt halter winners and out of a daughter of TE N TE, Sire of 5 AQHA Champions,6 Superior Western Pleasure,26 Superior Halter,32 Performance ROM,1 Superior Hunter Under Saddle,5 Race ROM. CANDIFIED’S dam, AMBER DEE BAR is also a Superior halter mare with 88 pnts in halter and has points under saddle is by Sonny Dee Bar, H-62, P-10, AQHA Champion, Superior Halter, ROM Arena , AQHA Hall of Fame, AQHA Leading Sire, Sire of:22 AQHA Champions, 159 AQHA ROM winners, 35 APHA Champions, 90 APHA ROM winners, 36 Superior winners, 15 World & National Champions, Toatal of: 6,082 Halter points; 18,024 Performance points.

Did I say I like a versatile horse? Do they get any more versatile than this?

 Diversified Mr Conclusive Conclusive
Miss Amber Charge
Tes Tamara Te N’ Te
Tamara Wess
Amber Dee Bar Sonny Dee Bar Win or Lose
Chigger’s Baby
Jodie Sunflower Alcor Star
Dave’s Cathy

aka Vision

ApHC #629770

Sire: Vision Maker
Dam: Champange Wishes

2003 bay roan mare, 16. hhs multiple ApHC circuit yearling class winner sired by Vision Maker, 5x Aphc World Champion and World Champion sire and out of Champange Wishes, medallioned producer, dam of multiple World and National Champions and of Grand Champ Mare at Nationals.


aka Nikki


2006 solid palomino paint mare, futurity winner by son of Dominate Clue out of a daughter of Streakin Missle, APHC Champion with Roms in Halter, western pleasure and youth reining.

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Impetuous Moon
aka Tucker
ApHC #643720 :: HYPP N/N
2005 bay colt with lace over hips.

2012 Stud Fee: $650.00

2012 breedings will be donated to IAA (Indiana), and HAA (Hoosier ) Stallion Service Auctions. Watch for other 2012 Stallion service Auction availabilities!
Currently, Tucker stands over 16.0. He is a point earner with limited showing with Bud and Karen Craighead of Fulton, Mo and qualified for the Worlds as a yearling. An injury at the end of his yearling year stopped us from showing him his 2yo year and this year he has been sent to the trainer and is going well under saddle!
We have a lot of high hopes for Tucker and feel that with his spectacular looks and build and tremendous pedigree, he can be nothing less than the perfect cross for our “Gunner” daughters. He is already proving this fact with very limited breeding-13 foals in 4 foal crops on the ground – we have been pleased with EVERY foal. We looked high and low for quite some time for this “dream” come true and need to send a special THANK YOU to Diane Mueller of St. Louis, MO for allowing us to buy such an exceptional individual-Again, Diane, Thank You so much for calling me back!!! Keep your eyes open at a App show nearby- you just might catch a glimpse of a “LIL” Tucker.

Congrats to Pat and Allen Johnson of Chetek, WI on CK Impetuous Grace, sired by Tucker on her 2011 Reserve National Championship- Way to go Grace!


 Moon Me Dontcha Moon Me Dontcha Luv Quincy
Boston Bug
Conclusive Babe Conclusive
Katie Straw
Impetuous Affair Sonnys Andrew Impressive Andrew
Shes Sonny Dee
Mighty Rare Honey Mighty Go Man
Bit O Honey


slideshow contains yearling photos of Impetuous Moon

Sire: Moon Me is a notable halter horse whose accomplishments include;
World Champion 2 Year Old Stallion
1995 Year End High Point 2 Year Old Stallion
104 Halter Points Earned in his 2 Year Old Year
Producer of 111 registered foals, including National Champion R U Kid N Me, National Champion R U Moonin Me, Reserve World Champions Next Big Thing, and Another Me. Four of his foals earned 35 performance points, 37 earned 977.5 halter points, 21 earned 22 ROMs, 3 earned Superior halter titles, and two won bronze medallions. Moon also sired one race starter in Easy Moon Flight, who won 6 races, placed in 4 and earned over $31,000.
Moon Me’s sire, Dontcha Moon Me, a World Ch and sire of multiple World Chs including Moonwalker One, is sired by Dontcha Luv Quincy-son of 2x World Ch, Superior Halter horse, A former leading sire of Halter futurity Champions, Sire of AQHA World Champions, AQHA Champion, AQHA Superior Halter, AQHA Superior Performance, ROM Arena, Quincy Feature. Dontcha Luv Quincy is out of a daughter of Skipa Star, World Champion Halter, Superior Halter & Halter Point Earner.SIRE OF: 7 World Champions, 7 Res World Champions, 41 Superior Halter, 30 Supr Perf. (See AQHA Legends, Vol 5) Dontcha Moon Me’s dam is sired by Scooter Bug G, bronze medallion winner, and out of a daughter of Boston Mac, AQHA Superior Halter Horse, AQHA Champion. Sire of AQHA Champs, Race earners($78803), ROM Halter/Perf/Race, Perf & Halter Point Ernr.
Moon Me’s dam is sired by Conclusive AQHA (by Impressive) a World Champion (1981 Halter) & Halter Point Earner (42)& sire of World Champion Offspring (18), Reserve World Champion Offspring (17), Superior Halter Offspring (27), AQHA High Point Halter and out of a daughter of Bar P Straw, AQHA Champion,AQHA Superior Halter, 65 Halter Points, 18 Performance Points, SI-45

Dam: Impetuous Affair
has her ROM and place 4th at Nationals under all previous World or National Champion titled mares. She has produced multiple futurity winners and money earners. Some of her foals include ’99 filly Fanci Franny, ’02 filly Simply Unforgettable, ’03 filly Intoxicating Affair & ’04 colt B R Kid. 07 filly Last Look, 07 Res. World Ch. Open weanling filly. She is sired by Sonny’s Andrew, ’90 World Champion Yrlg. Stallion; Nat’l Champion; Bronze Medallion World Champ.1990/ Futurity yr.stallion who is by Impressive Andrew (by Impressive), Multiple World & Nat. Champion, Sire of World & Nat. Champions, Superior Achievement Certificate, ApHC Hall of Fame 1997 Nat. champ, 1986 Grand Champ. Stallion,/ Nat. Champ,1987 Grand champ. Stallion, World Champ./1986 2 yr. old stallion World Champ.1987/ 3 yr. old stallion World Champ.1989/ aged Stallion World Champ.1990/1996/1997 Get of sire World Champ.1992/1994/1995 Get of sire World Champ.1998/ Get of sire. Impressive Andrew’s dam is Roman Annie, Bronze Medallion winner, 1981 World & Nat’l Ch. 3 yr old Mare, 1986 Nat’l Ch. Broodmare, Grand Ch. Halter, Superior Achievement Certificate & ROM Halter, Nat. Champ./1986 Brood Mares and daughter of Hayes Roman Cloud: ApHC Hall Of Fame 2000. , MW SW AA, 3x National Champion Get of Sire, Bronze Medallion Winner, stakes Winner, Champion Running Horse, AA , 1967 World Wide Futurity winner , Bronze Superior Sire Production Plaque, Superior Halter & Superior Performance Sire , Medallion & Superior Achievement Certificate Sire World Champ./1984 Get of sire. She is out of bronze medallion winner Bright Glitter by Hall of Fame Bright Eyes Brother.
Sonnys Andrew’s dam; She’s Sonny Dee, 184 halter points, 3 bronze medallions 1986 National Grand Champion Mare Dam of 2 multiple bronze medallion winners (Edgefinder and Sonny’s Andrew) Nat. champ./1986 2 yr old Mares World Champ./1986 2 yr. old mares World Champ. 1990/Produce of Dam is sired by ApHC Sonny Dee Bar, World & Nat’l ch. By AQHA Sonny Dee Bar, Superior Halter, ROM Halter, ROM Performance, AQHA Hall of Fame and out of a daughter of Abdulls Pok-A-Son, National Champion Halter Horse, ROM Halter, Bronze Medallion earner, 1977 Nat`l Ch. Aged Stallion.
Impetuous Affairs dam is sired by Mighty Go Man ( by Mighty Bright #1 Premier GEAR sire x Bright Eyes Brother Hall of Fame), Can. Nat’l ch. Get of sire and out of a daughter of Honey Toe AQHA Nat. Champ. Performance Horse

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The Appaloosa Horse- Endowed With Various Natural Characteristics

One could typically admire a horse with its shiny mane and majestic stance. Yet, when you see an Appaloosa, your eyes will surely be fixed on it as you gaze on its remarkable traits and features.

General Traits

As horse breeds are said to have genes manipulated by humans, the characteristics of Appaloosas are something you can describe as all natural. They originated from North America and are often found today in many horse gaming events and shows. Standing at 14.2-16 hands, Appaloosas come in coat patterns of almost innumerable color and pattern combinations. These horses can be identified through their coat pattern, white sclera, striped hooves and mottled skin.

These horses could be in base colors of read roan, blue roan, bay roan, chestnut, cremello/perlino, palomino, dun, grulla, buckskin, black, brown and bay. They come in patterns like snowflake, leopard, frost, marble and blanket.

Appaloosa Horse History

Spotted horses have already been depicted in images of prehistoric cave paintings. Horses were introduced to Mexico by the Spaniards in 1500s. It was only in 1700s when horses reached Northwest America that the Appaloosas were recognized. The American Indian tribe of Nez Perce boosts the popularity of the horse species.

The Indian tribe that used to be sedentary fishers discovered how useful horses are in mobility so the still un-named horse species were used for hunting as well as in crafts. To refer to the nearby Palouse River, the Indians started to call the animal “a Palouse Horse”. Later, the name became “Palousey”, then “Appalousey” and now finally Appaloosa. The horse only became dispersed throughout the West as a result of Nez Perce war of 1877. Since then, more people have noticed the flashy coats of the endowed horses.

Chartered in 1938 was the Appaloosa Horse Club aimed to preserve and improve the species. The Appaloosa horse was named as state horse of Idaho in 1975.

Interesting Facts About Appaloosas

An Appaloosa could be produced by an Appaloosa. At least one parent is an Appaloosa in a cross breed. If bred in pure state, the offspring would be dominant over all breed horses.

Appaloosa horses also display the same colors of eyes like humans such as gray, green, blue, brown and black. Not all Appaloosa horses have striped hooves. There are some with white stocking or socks. The animal could also have spare amount of hair in its tail and mane, which is not is not a trait of other horse breeds.

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